Machinery Breakdown Insurance

Breakdown of machinery leads to disruption in Production, this can easily result into massive Financial Losses, especially when delivery schedules are around, and the penalties are severe. The resulting Downtime, Lost Production and Loss of Reputation can present a formidable challenge for any organization.

Machinery breakdown Insurance policy covers losses incurred due to all kinds of Accidental, Electrical and Mechanical Breakdowns on account of Internal and External causes. Cover is valid during the time the Machinery is in Operation or in the process of being Dismantled/Overhauled and during subsequent Re-erection at the same premises.

We at UNISON understand your particular pain points and have a team of professionals that is the best in the industry. We offer innovative Insurance Programmes that are customised as per the client’s requirement and never disappoint.

Key Features:
  • Covers losses due to accidental means on All Risk basis like
    • Human Error/ lack of skill in operation by workers/ operators
    • Overheating of parts, short circuits
    • Entry of foreign body
  • Sum insured to be taken on reinstatement value basis
  • Various Addon Covers can be taken at additional cost