Global Insurance Programme Management

In a globalized business scenario, Risk Management and Insurance Coverage across multiple borders becomes a key factor for any multi national’s Risk Mitigation strategy.

With a complex supply chain spread across the world, fiscal and legal hurdles can affect any MNC’s growth. But with the right broker, addressing these matters can be easy and help in maintaining your edge.

Unison can now execute powerful Global Insurance Strategies for Indian Multinationals or complex organisations anywhere in the world. Clients get the best of both worlds expertise, services, and reach of an international giant, with the embedded local knowledge and relationships that only local brokers offer.

We can customize insurance requirements as per local compliance & guidelines and help our customers in maximizing their efficiency. Our multinational clients are provided with a leading local independent broker possessing expertise in global Risk Management and capable of handling all types of insurance needs.

Our Clients Receive:
  • Best local insurance services anywhere in the world
  • A controlled global insurance program with a primary goal, to dictate coverage and operational requirements in a controlled manner
  • Insurance and legislation related knowledge specific to subsidiary locations
  • Optimized insurance cost and minimized risk related expenses
  • Industry segment expert team
  • Personalized & uncompromised quality of services