M & A (Representation & Warranties) Insurance

Representation and Warranties Insurance is a complex solution for a complex situation.

Representation and Warranties Insurance is essentially breach of contract cover designed to enhance or replace the indemnification given by the seller to the buyer.

In short, once the ink has dried on the merger or acquisition deal, this covers some of the unforeseen costs caused by any breaches of the seller’s representations, whether it’s issues with their Customer Contracts, Employment Agreements, or the Super-Secret Recipe of their product.

Available for both buyers and sellers in a transaction, this policy provides protection against Financial Losses, including costs associated with Defending Claims, for certain unintentional and unknown breaches of the seller’s representations and warranties made in the acquisition or merger agreement.

We at UNISON have dedicated team members who have in depth subject knowledge & experience that enables us to offer you the best tailor-made policies with add on to cover your financial losses.

Key Coverage:
  • Protection against financial losses, including costs associated with defending claims