Board of Directors

Mr. R.D. Variawa
R.D. Variawa
Chairman Emeritus
Mr. R.D. Variawa is the Chairman Emeritus of Unison Insurance Broking Services...
Mr. B. K. Sinha
B. K. Sinha
Managing Director
Mr. Biraj. K. Sinha joined UNISON in 2002 and has been serving as the ...
Mr. Amitesh Sinha
Amitesh Sinha
Whole Time Director
In addition to overseeing UNISON’s Broking Business & Client Relationship ...
Mr. Praveen Kalia
Praveen Kalia
Whole Time Director
As President of UNISON Insurance, Mr. Praveen Kalia holds the key to overall ...
Mr. Naresh Kumar Sinha
Naresh Kumar Sinha
Non- Executive Independent Director
Mr. Naresh Kumar Sinha has more than 35 years of combined industry experience...
Mr. Anuj Kishore Raizada
Anuj Kishore Raizada
Whole Time Director
Mr. Anuj Raizada started off his insurance career in 1996 with Fortis Securities Ltd, after acquiring...
Ms. Sneha Shah
Sneha Shah
Finance Director
A business leader in its truest sense, Ms. Sneha Shah is a young & dynamic achiever...
Mr. Ravindra Kumar Rammuni
Ravindra Kumar Rammuni
Whole Time Director
Mr. Ravindra Kumar Rammuni is the Whole Time Director at Unison....
Mr. Suresh Desai
Suresh Desai
Whole Time Director
Mr. Suresh Desai has over 40 years of experience in industry...
Mr. Hoshedar Variava
Hoshedar Variava
Whole Time Director
Mr. Variava has a vast experience of working in retail insurance business industry...