Boiler & Pressure Plant Insurance

This particular Insurance covers damage for reasons other than by fire, to boilers & pressure plant, surrounding property, third party legal liability arising out of explosion and collapse of the boiler/pressure plant during its normal course of working.

This Policy covers Boiler & Pressure Vessels owned by you and located at your premises against Explosion, Implosion and Collapse leading to:

  • Damage to the Boilers & Pressure Vessels
  • Damage to Surrounding Property, up to fixed limits, arising due to explosion & collapse of the pressure plant during normal course of working; and
  • Third party Legal Liability, up to fixed limits, arising due to:
    • Death or Bodily Injury to third parties;
    • Damage to property of Third Parties (not held in trust or on commission) caused by and solely due to explosion or collapse occurring in the course of ordinary working.

The policy requires the sum insured to be the same as the cost of replacement of the insured property. The replacement cost includes freight, dues, customs duties and erection costs if any.

Unison has a specialised team that caters to our esteemed clientele’s particular needs. We pride in placing many such polices for our corporate clients with the widest coverage priced at optimal cost.