Aviation Insurance


Aviation Insurance policy offers Property and Liability coverage for aircraft. It covers losses resulting from aviation risks that may occur at the time of Maintenance and During Usage of Aircraft, Property Damage, Loss Of Cargo or Injury to People. It protects both its Owners and Aircraft Operators from Unforeseen Losses.

Aviation Hull Insurance

This policy is suitable for all classes of passenger and cargo airlines, from individual aircraft owners to the largest fleet owners further including low cost to national flag carriers. Our wide spectrum of services not only encompasses of standard aviation all-risks hull cover, but we further extend our services of Consulting & Claim Management to our clients. We closely work together with our clients to understand their needs and basis of that we provide them with tailor-made solutions.

Aviation Liability Insurance

Aircraft Liability Insurance protects a person against expenses that may be incurred in the event that they become liable to pay for Damages, Injuries, Disablement or Death caused as a result of their use of an aircraft.

Aviation Loss of License Insurance

It is mandatory for every aircraft crew member to hold a valid license. A license can be suspended on medical grounds leading to financial loss for the crew member. This cover takes care of the financial loss incurred. The crew member can get the coverage in case of Permanent Total Disablement or Temporary Total Disablement due to bodily injury or illness.

At UNISON we understand your business and our team of experts offers conventional to tailor made insurance solution to meet your requirements. Our experience combined with our technical strength and understanding gives us the perfect opportunity to create and deliver comprehensive and cost-effective packages for our clients.

Key Coverages:
  • Physical Damage to the hull
  • Medical coverage for passengers, pilots and crew members
  • Aircraft third party liability - damage to individuals or property outside of the aircraft itself
  • Damage or loss of baggage