Burglary Insurance

Burglary Insurance is a policy that covers losses resulting from a burglary. Burglary denotes the act of entering a property unlawfully with the intention of committing a crime and it might not always be limited to theft. Burglary policy covers Property contained in your Premises, Stocks/Goods owned by you or Held in Trust. It also covers Cash, Valuables, Securities kept in a locked safe or Cash Box in locked steel cupboard on specific request.

In a nutshell with the increasing risk of burglaries, it is advisable for businesses and even house owners to protect themselves with different types of burglary insurance plans.

Key Coverages:
  • Burglary House Breaking (Theft following actual, forcible & violent entry & exit from premise)
  • Holdup risk (in respect to contents of offices, warehouse, shops etc)
  • Cash in Safe
  • Damage to premises