Electronic Equipment Insurance

Electronic Equipment insurance covers Accidental, Unforeseen and Sudden Damage to Electronic Equipment by any cause or perils which are not excluded in the policy.

All electronic equipment like computers, medical, biomedical, micro- processors, audio/visual equipment including the value of systems software may be covered under this policy. The term equipment encompasses the entire computer system consisting of CPU, Keyboards, Monitors, Printers, Stabilizers, UPS, System Software etc.

The policy requires the sum insured to be the same as the cost of replacement of the insured property. The replacement cost includes freight, dues, customs duties, erection costs and additionally the new property needs to be of the same kind and same capacity.

Unison has a specialised team that can take care of any needs that our clients might have pertaining to Electronic Equipment Insurance. We pride in placing many such polices for our corporate clients with the widest coverage priced at optimal cost.

Key Features:
  • Covers Breakdown of electronic equipment against All Risk
  • Covers expenses incurred on restoration of data covered
  • Covers additional costs for continued data processing to ensure continued operations
  • Sum insured to be taken on reinstatement value basis