UNISON prides itself in pioneering innovative solutions in Reinsurance business suited to adopt the needs of its clients. Our approach to business enables us to evaluate markets, client needs and preferences, thus optimizing the services offered.

Facultative Outward

UNISON recognizes the need for expertise in Facultative Outward Reinsurance and hence our experienced team brings a comprehensive knowledge of product lines which assists our clients in structuring the most innovative solutions for their problems.

Our objective is to obtain best terms and make the product cost effective. Our close relationship with reinsurers across the globe enables us to complete placements in global markets, thereby providing capacity and technical expertise in all areas of facultative reinsurance.

Our team of experienced individuals is recognized by clients as being best-in-class in providing Expert Solutions, Skilled Claims Management, Outstanding Service and World-Class Product Offerings, all backed by highly rated securities in international markets.

Our key areas of expertise are:
  • Property mega risk
  • Construction risk specially infrastructures for tunnels, roads and bridges
  • Offshore and Onshore Energy
  • Marine Cargo, Hull
  • Ports Risk including Port Liabilities
  • Stand Alone Terrorism
  • Casualty and Financial Lines Liability
Facultative Inward

At UNISON our mission is to go above and beyond the offering of a traditional reinsurance intermediary. As an experienced broker, we provide innovative Reinsurance Risk Transfer Solutions and continuously seek ways to protect our clients’ businesses from uncertainty and volatility. Our meticulous, research-driven approach to managing risk seeks to filter out the noise in markets and identify what matters the most.

With our unique facultative reinsurance business approach, we empower our clients through a Consultative and Analytical approach. Our dedication to transparency and committed approach helps us guide them through key operational decisions to obtain the capacity they need.

At UNISON we focus our time, energy, creativity, and expertise on the client’s needs. With our high level of proficiency in Property, Construction & Engineering, Liability, Stand Alone Terrorism Cover, Casualty, Accident & Health as well as specialty lines such as Trade Credit we can provide not only premier service, but also impressive results. Our creative approach promotes a high degree of client engagement and a tailored Risk Solutions strategy that delivers on financial goals, while reducing frictional costs inherent in the transaction.


Treaty Operations at UNISON constitute of experienced, dynamic & professional team members with analytical skills that expertly address underwriting and capital objectives of our clients on portfolio level across all lines of business. We are flexible and always aim to design tailored treaties/ reinsurance programs to meet each client’s objectives and underwriting profile.

UNISON prides itself in pioneering innovative solutions in reinsurance business that have set a benchmark for the rest to follow. In a very short period, we have been able to build a series of strategic alliances with international reinsurance companies that give us our edge. Our approach to business enables us to evaluate markets and client needs, thus ensuring excellent service delivery at all times.

Regardless of the type or structure of Treaty Reinsurance (Proportional vs. Non-Proportional) and in view of the distinguished relationships we enjoy with underwriters in the international and regional reinsurance markets, you can be rest assured that at UNISON, you will receive dedicated professional services covering the following:

  • Designing of Reinsurance Program
  • Determine the Optimum level of Retention for the cedant
  • Treaty Limits based on the exposure
  • Obtaining best terms and conditions
  • Quotation from leading rated Reinsurers across global hubs like London, Singapore, Dubai etc
  • Placement of reinsurance policies
  • Technical Accounting: Timely submission of documents, accounts and settlement
  • Wordings of the Reinsurance contract
  • Forecasting: Consistent feedback & solutions to the cedants throughout the year based on the robust risk mapping
  • Claims
  • Alternative Solutions
  • Trainings, Seminars and Workshops in collaboration with Reinsurers as Speakers