Crime Insurance

White collar crime is on the rise across the globe and India is no exception. Maintaining strong and enforceable internal controls is an ethical imperative for any organization. Yet even the best internal controls, background checks and audit practices, no matter how well conceived, frequently fall short of stopping a trusted employee from engaging in fraudulent activity. In fact, employees often know best how to circumvent such controls.

An organization’s money and property can be attractive targets for committing a crime. Commercial Crime Insurance protects a company against direct losses caused by the Forgery or Theft of Money, Securities or Property by an employee or third party.

We at UNISON have dedicated team members who have in depth subject knowledge & experience that enables us to eliminate such vulnerabilities on your part by offering you the best tailor-made policy.

Key Coverages:
  • Losses form employee theft
  • Property loss from premises
  • Transit loss of money / securities
  • Depositors' forgery
  • Computer fraud
  • Fund transfer fraud
  • Social engineering fraud
  • Credit card fraud
  • Counterfeit currency fraud