Director’s & Officer’s Insurance

Directors and Officers hold positions of trust and carry a fiduciary responsibility to their company, its’ shareholders, employees and the public at large.

As a member of the board of directors or an officer holding an executive position in the company, a director/officer may be personally held liable by any internal or external stakeholder for any Actual or Alleged Breach of Duty, Breach of Trust, Breach of Warranty or Authority, Negligence, Error and Omission and Mis-statement. Such exposures can arise from shareholders, creditors, business partners, competitors, regulators and even employees.

The D&O policy provides cover against Legal Liability of the directors and officers to pay damages or costs awarded against them. Defence costs are payable even in alleged criminal cases, if the directors and officers are finally acquitted of the wrongful act.

We at UNISON have dedicated team members who not only have in depth subject knowledge & experience that enable us to offer you the best tailor-made policy with utmost beneficial add-ons, but we also help you adopt an efficient risk management policy.

Key Coverages:
  • Protection to individual directors and officers when not indemnified by the organization
  • Protection for the organization when it indemnifies its’ directors and officers (corporate reimbursement)
  • Protection to the corporation (organizations) itself for security claims brought against it
  • Protection to the corporation (organizations) itself for employment practice claims brought against it