Cyber Liability Insurance

Cyber-attacks have increased both in frequency and magnitude in the recent past. The pervasive and pernicious effects of cyber hacks are here to stay and show no signs of abetting. Even the best professionals and technology at your disposal leave you vulnerable to a breach in your cyber security apparatus.

Cyber Risk can translate into Financial Loss, Disruption or Damage to an Organization’s Reputation. Hence, cyber insurance is an important tool for businesses to mitigate Cyber Risk and forms an important part of Risk Management strategy in the 21st century.

We at UNISON have dedicated team members who have in depth subject knowledge & experience that enable us to offer you the best tailor-made policy that is in keeping with the technological changes in the cyber space.

Key Coverages:
  • Privacy & Notification Costs
  • Cost involved with recovery after cyber attack
  • Investigation Costs
  • Third Party Liability including Network Liability
  • Business Interruption Loss/Hacker Theft/Cyber Extortion
  • Professional Services including Forensics/Crisis Management /Public Relation Expenses