We live in an era where energy consumption is increasing by the hour and the way we generate energy is changing even more significantly. On top of the fact that there’s a finite amount of fossil fuel resources available, the drum beat to replace them in the energy supply chain is growing louder.

The industry is witnessing rapid changes with introduction of new ways of power generation from Thermal Power, Hydroelectricity, Nuclear Power etc. From the use of more efficient and effective ways such as drones to assess damage or repair on power lines, onsite 3D printing of power plant, as well as further independent and off grid power generation interlinking critical infrastructure. The level of technological advancement is bringing a wider range of risks with it, that may cause damage to the plant or even causing a costly business interruption.

Our dedicated team has extensive experience and deep knowledge of issues related to the industry. We work along with you to provide innovative risk and insurance related solutions.

Key products & coverage include:
  • Property Damage
  • Business Interruption
  • Liability Insurance