Ports & Terminals

At UNISON, Ports and Terminals Insurance solutions are designed taking into consideration all the risks that you as a port or terminal operator is exposed to while keeping in mind the complexity of today’s trade.

Every port is unique and so is our insurance solution. We understand that most ports and terminals not only operate in their traditional periphery but also have expanded their operations into various activities like Freight Forwarding and Logistics etc. With these growing operations, the challenges and exposure increase manifold as well. What differentiates us is the confluence of some of the finest minds in today’s insurance management with an in-depth experience of working in the Ports & Terminals Sector.

This allows us to tailor bespoke solutions so as to respond to the Financial, Construction and Operational Risks. Our team has experience of handling many ports in India and has successfully handled various large Claims for Port Owners including Two Business Interruption Claims.

Key products & coverage include:
Port Package Insurance Property Damage | Business Interruption | Liability | Re-dredging Expenses
  • Standalone Third-party liability
  • Removal of wreck and pollution
  • Errors and omissions
  • Stand Alone Terrorism