While undertaking a major construction project, managing risk exposure has become increasingly complex in the face of a growing range of conventional and unconventional threats. These threats can hamper the viability of any project, result into increasing costs and uncertainty. Be it Roads, Tunnels, Ports, Power Plants or otherwise, we deliver comprehensive insurance solutions for the entire lifecycle of construction projects of any kind.

We have the requisite knowledge, experience and technical expertise to offer innovative insurance programs to contractors, project managers, bankers/financiers, employers and insurers from the planning stage of any construction project to its final completion and beyond.

Our team includes people with diverse backgrounds and expertise, which means we understand every facet of your business. The team gets actively involved with you during the pre-construction phase for Risk Engineering, Insurability, Capital Deployment and then design an insurance program to meet with all parameters of the project.

As the leading insurance broker to the construction industry, our strategy is to focus on building meaningful relationships with our clients by delivering creative insurance solutions which keep your project at the center of the risk management process while ensuring there are no gaps in your coverage.

Key products include:
  • Construction All Risk
  • Erection All Risk
  • Advanced Loss of Profit
  • Contractors Plant & Machinery Insurance
  • Tailor Made Contingency Covers