Agriculture is the most important sector of Indian Economy employing nearly half the workforce and feeding the entire country.

The agriculture industry is a dynamic space that continually evolves to meet changing market demands. The farm to table Agricultural Revolution, Zero Budget Natural Farming, Global Warming, Water Shortage, Population Growth, Dietary Habits, Food Technology are all having a significant effect on the agricultural industry.

Crop insurance schemes are part of the solution to climate change which can protect farmers from poor yields.

Our specialist team is fully dedicated to providing you with bespoke solutions that inure you from significant risks such as poor crop yields on account of climate change. We negotiate with insurers and reinsurers to develop solutions that meet your unique needs.

Key coverage include:
  • Yield losses due to non-preventable risks, such as natural fire and lightning, storm, hailstorm, cyclone, typhoon, tempest, hurricane, tornado.
  • Supply chain interruption
  • Risks due to flood, inundation and landslide, drought, dry spells, pests/diseases.
  • High Production Costs