Financial Institutions

Our in-house financial team has an imperative to remain updated on the current and future trends in the financial services sector. We possess an extensive knowledge of the financial products that you offer and the market you operate in. This makes us uniquely qualified to identify the myriad risks that need to be navigated by financial institutions in the post 2008 recession landscape.

Not only this, but we also take a 360-degree view to the liabilities you are exposed to such as the modern threat of Cyber Incidents. Our team of financial experts routinely deliver deeply researched insights while also offering swift claims resolution process by way of bespoke insurance solutions.

We understand the inherent complexities of the regulatory framework and the potential landmines you face in navigating the financial backwaters. We know that each firm is unique in its outlook and one institution can have a completely different set of challenges to the next one. That’s why we believe in tailoring our insurance solutions that are designed in a creative manner so as to ensure full coverage.

Key products include:
  • Directors’ and Officer’s Insurance
  • Crime Insurance
  • Computer & Cyber Fraud
  • Professional Indemnity Insurance
  • Errors & Omission