Special Coverage For Your Special

27 December 2019
Who doesn’t like events? They are an opportunity for fun, entertainment and socialising and more. However, just like every good thing in life, events too can be ruined due to unforeseen unfortunate events.

Understanding Group Personal Accident Insurance

10 December 2019
The biggest asset of a company or organisation is their employee. Hence no organisation can afford to lose their valuable employees to injury or accidents. Group Personal Accident Insurance is specifically created to empower...

Why your organisation needs Workmen’s Compensation Insurance

04 December 2019
A happy employee is an efficient employee. In order to make an employee truly happy, an organisation should ensure the welfare of the employee even during any unforeseen and unfortunate incidents.

All that you need to know about Group Health Insurance

02 December 2019
We are all exposed to the threats of injuries or illness. The ever-increasing cost of medical care and hospitalisation can burn a hole in anyone’s pocket. From organisational standpoint,