All that you need to know about Group Health Insurance

02 December 2019

We are all exposed to the threats of injuries or illness. The ever-increasing cost of medical care and hospitalisation can burn a hole in anyone’s pocket. From organisational standpoint, if your employees are at the receiving end of such unfortunate scenarios, it can affect their efficiency. With Group Health Insurance, you can safeguard your employees’ financial expenditure by providing them with optimum cover they deserve.

Group Health Insurance is a tailormade cover covering employee and his extended family. Organisations have the flexibility to choose a coverage that suits their requirements. Group Health Insurance is a win-win situation for both the employer and employees as it offers a host of benefits to both the parties.

Benefits to employers
Tailor made coverages

One of the major advantages of Group Health Insurance is that apart from the standard coverage available, it can be tailored basis organisational requirements and the industry benchmarking.

Employee Retention Tool

This benefit can help increase attractiveness towards the talent.
Higher & better the benefits, longer the employee’s association with the organisation.

Benefits to employees
Waiver of all waiting periods

Unlike individual health insurance, a group health insurance covers everything from day one up-to the coverage decided.

Cashless Treatment

Group Health Insurance policy also helps with cashless facility in vast network of hospitals empanelled.

Voluntary Plans

With this facility, employees can opt cover over and above that is provided by the organisation by paying additional premium basis threshold decided by underwriting insurer.

Maternity Benefits

Unlike retail policies, Group Mediclaim policies cover Maternity benefits. Expenses toward the hospitalization during the delivery period are been paid. At Unison, we use an innovative approach to develop health insurance products that cut costs while maintaining superior coverage and offers a policy which is tailored specifically to fit the needs of your group.