Understanding Group Personal Accident Insurance

10 December 2019

The biggest asset of a company or organisation is their employee. Hence no organisation can afford to lose their valuable employees to injury or accidents. Group Personal Accident Insurance is specifically created to empower an organisation against such scenarios.

What is Group Personal Accident Insurance?

Group Personal Accident Insurance designed for organisations or employers protect their employees against accidental deaths & disablement. It is a comprehensive cover which can be bought by small and large organisations alike. Employer can opt for customized plans that suit his organisational requirements. What does Group Personal Accident Insurance offer? The extent of the coverage of Group Personal Accident Insurance depends on the terms of the plan. Generally, below listed are the covers that are provided by most of the group personal accident insurance cover:

Accidental Death

In an event of an accident the policy provides a compulsory cover for all expenses associated with accident, lumpsum compensation is paid to the nominee of the employee.

Permanent Total Disability

If an injury leads to a permanent disability, 100% compensation up to sum insured is paid to the employee.

Permanent Partial Disability

If an injury results in the partial disability of an employee, a percentage of the sum insured is paid to the employee as per the specified limit in the policy.

Weekly Compensation

The employee can avail weekly benefit for a temporary period if he is fully disabled, to compensate the loss of pay due to the injury.

Medical Reimbursements

The insurance plan reimburses the medical expenses and hospitalisation charges incurred up to the defined limit due to the injury.

Educational Benefits

The insurance company reimburses the educational costs of the first two children, in the case of unfortunate death or permanent disability of the employee within the specified limit in the policy