Special Coverage For Your Special Events

27 December 2019

Who doesn’t like events? They are an opportunity for fun, entertainment and socialising and more. However, just like every good thing in life, events too can be ruined due to unforeseen unfortunate events. Whether you have planned a Corporate Conferences, Seminars, Live Concerts, Award Ceremonies, School & College Annual Functions, Wedding Ceremonies, Sports Events like Cricket, Hockey, Kabaddi etc. sports or event insurance can ensure that you won’t suffer financial losses due to any unforeseen circumstances. We at Unison provide a range of comprehensive insurance policies that ensure that unforeseen events don’t affect your major event.

What’s covered in Unison’s Sports and Event Insurance

We offer customised sports and event insurance policies to suit your specific requirements. The basic coverage of our policies includes the following:

Event Cancellation Coverage

We offer protection from losses that arise due to the cancellation of any event, which includes the additional costs or charges incurred by you to avoid or diminish a loss payable under the policy.

Public Liability Coverage

We provide coverage for third party liabilities like bodily injury or property damage, which occur due to an accident in the premises over the course of your event.

Props, Set, Stage, and Equipment Coverage

This includes the coverage for loss of or damage to the props, set, stage, equipments arising out of fire and other related perils.

Personal Accident

We offer cover against accidental bodily injury resulting in death or disability of the named persons in the policy during the course of the event.

Cash in Transit and Safe

We provide protection against loss of money while carried by you or your employees, caused during the course of the event insured period by robbery, theft or any other fortuitous event.

So, make your event a grand success with Unison’s Sports and Event Insurance cover