Why your organisation needs Workmen’s Compensation Insurance

04 December 2019

The biggest asset of a companyA happy employee is an efficient employee. In order to make an employee truly happy, an organisation should ensure the welfare of the employee even during any unforeseen and unfortunate incidents. This is where Workmen’s Compensation Insurance becomes necessary.

Workmen’s Compensation Policy offers monetary compensation to the employees/their nominees in case of medical emergencies arising out of accident or disease during their employment. It is necessary to meet the obligations set by worker’s compensation laws. Workmen’s Compensation insurance serves two purposes. It assures injured workers medical care and compensation for their lost income by the time they are unable to return to work and usually protects employers from lawsuits by injured workers. In an unfortunate accident resulting in an employee’s death, the family of the deceased will receive compensation as set by the policy.

Injuries that employees sustain in the workplace premises or elsewhere are covered if their employer has workers compensation insurance. In addition to injuries arising from accidents, it also offers coverage to other events that may occur while the employees are working, including terrorist attacks and natural disasters. Specific policies also cover certain illnesses and occupational diseases (defined in the state statutes) contracted as a result of employment.

What does Workmen’s Compensation policy cover?
  • Injury caused during employment
  • Injury caused by disease or worsened by employment conditions
  • Death or temporary disablement
  • Legal costs and expenses incurred

At Unison, we strive to provide the best and optimum coverage for your organisation. Our team of experts will aid you in finding the perfect policy that meets your requirement and ensure your valuable employees’ welfare.