Cancer Awareness

03 February 2022

In India, the incidence of cancer is increasing rapidly; therefore, it is important to step up cancer literacy and knowledge amongst the population. We hope that this will lead to early detection which is important in the management and treatment of cancer and also prevention by making necessary changes in lifestyle.

Leading an active life, combined with healthy food habits is essential to good health.

The aim is to create cancer awareness amongst the population of India. It is important to dispel the myths that people wrongly believe, inform them about the signs and symptoms, and importance of screening for early detection. It is also vital to follow a healthy lifestyle,

Signs and Symptoms
  • Red or white patches in the mouth
  • A lump in any part of the body
  • Unexplained bleeding from any part of the body
  • Change in mole or wart
  • Hoarseness or difficulty in swallowing
  • Change in bladder or bowel movement

  • Cancer only means death
  • One gets cancer because of bad karma
  • Cancer is contagious
  • Stress, hair dye, deodorants do not cause cancer
  • Cancers are always hereditary
  • Some forms of tobacco do not cause cancer

  • Breast Cancer: One in 25 women has a chance of getting breast cancer in India. Screening by mammography for women over 45 or post menopause, Clinical breast exam by a doctor and self- breast exam are methods of early detection.
  • Oral Cancer: This is among the top cancers in India due to rampant use of chewing tobacco and smoking. High consumption of alcohol is also a risk factor. Doctors check for red or white patches in the mouth and for lumps in the mouth and throat. A regular dental check for sharp edges of teeth is also recommended.
  • Cervical Cancer: This cancer is 2nd highest among women in India. This can be detected in the pre - cancerous stage and treated before it turns into cancer. Screening tests are Pap smear, VIA and HPV.
  • Colorectal Cancer: This is also a common cancer and tests can be done to detect it early.
  • Prostate Cancer: This is a cancer that affects older men and there are screening tests for this cancer.

Healthy Life Style
  • Do not smoke or chew tobacco
  • Limit alcohol consumption
  • Eat a balanced diet with plenty of fruits, vegetables and grains
  • Maintain healthy weight
  • Lead an active life and exercise regularly
  • Get good sleep - 7 hrs of undisturbed sleep is important
  • Get screened and do medical check-up regularly

The following tests and examinations can be done
  • Complete oral examination for men and women
  • Clinical breast examination and gynaecological examination
  • Pap smear for women
  • Mammography for women over 45 years or postmenopausal women

Leading an active life, combined with healthy food habits is essential to good health.

The content informed readers not to be afraid of cancer and that if they had the right information, a healthy lifestyle, had screening tests and looked for early signs and symptoms they could stay two steps ahead of cancer.