Property Insurance Solutions

01 November 2019

Property insurance covers a wide range of threats or risks that can result in damage to property and thereby financial loss. Hence, it is imperative that your business needs a competitive insurance plan that can safeguard it against threats ranging from natural catastrophes like hurricanes, earthquakes and floods to property and business interruption

At Unison, our specialists help you overcome your risk management challenges by identifying and analysing your risks and implementing solutions that fulfil your business’s risk management needs. Our team of experts work closely with you, sharing knowledge and solutions that remain ahead of the market standard.

We take an analytical approach to risk management. We begin by defining the key drivers of the risk using portfolio analysis and modelling tools. This helps in identifying the gaps in business’s risk management program thereby ensuring optimum coverage.

Property insurance differs significantly depending on the risk profile and business needs. We help you create a customised solutions that offers you the best coverage. We consult with the key stakeholders and understand their concerns, which help us create a robust risk management and insurance response that caters to the specific nature of your business.

Benefits of having Property Insurance with Unison
  • In-depth review of policy terms and conditions, policy wordings and manuscript policy wordings.
  • Complex claim recovery assistance.
  • Preparation of in-depth, underwriting specifications.
  • Preparation and execution of RFPs
  • Exposure and stratification-of-value analyses

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