Why your company needs Risk Management

18 Sept 2020

We are living in a period of constant transformation. Things like technology, lifestyle, healthcare and more are evolving at a rapid pace. Hence, the business needs to evolve according to the changing environment, to remain successful. The changes could be operational, strategic, regulatory etc. However, every change can bring its own challenges, which if not analysed carefully can lead to significant losses to your company. That’s why, risk management is vital for every thriving organisation.

Risk management refers to the practice of identifying potential risks in advance, analysingthem and taking precautionary steps to reduce/curb the risk. We at Unison provide risk engineering expertise to help corporate clients manage their property risk.

Glimpse of our value-added services:

  • First Loss Prospect Study
  • Non-Destructive testing for Electrical assets and distribution network.
  • Fire Protection Adequacy Studies
  • Risk Benchmarking with Statutory and/ or related codal requirements.
  • Industry Specific Risk Improvement Activities
  • Opportunities for property risk improvements (recommendations)
  • COPE (Construction, Occupation, Protection & Exposure) Evaluation for Insurance Underwriting)
  • Loss Estimate Scenarios (PML, NLE etc. for Insurance Purposes)
  • Suggestion on Reinstatement Values for Insurance Purposes

We understand risk management is vital, yet a very complicated process. The expertise and experience of the risk management team can make the difference between the success and failure of your organisation’s investment.

Hence at Unison, we have a team of highly experienced experts, who are seasoned in dealing with awide range of risk identification and loss prevention methodologies, and help your company grow from strength to strength.