Event Insurance

We're passionate about sports and we can tailor your insurance services to cover event management, broadcast and sponsorship rights, players injury, public safety, third party liabilities and cancellation of events as we believe organising and staging a major sporting event is never simple work, it involves huge financial expenses hence event insurance is needed to protect from unforeseen events. Our team works with you to understand all unforeseen scenarios and costs involved to design best suited programs to protect the interests of all parties involved. In addition we deal with these products and assist clients in finding best insurance protection at most economical cost in a transparent manner.

Movie Production Insurance Package

Before starting production of your movie, make sure that you have an 'entertainment insurance package' in place. Our movie production package is comprehensive, it is practically the only insurance package you will ever need. More importantly, our premiums are price competitive. Our packages provide worldwide protection, hence, you can shoot anywhere in the world and still be protected. Further, we can also arrange extension of policy to cover cancellation of events due to bad weather including storm, heavy rain or snow, dark clouds hovering over show, snowfall or a drastic change in temperature or wind conditions, which can either affect spectator or lead to cancellation of event.

Special Event Insurance

UNISON understands that it is not just the film production that needs insurance protection. Special events also need to be covered because - like a film production - anything can also go wrong with an event.

Our 'Special Events' insurance program offers protection to all types of special events that last for either one day or more. These include holiday events, plays, concerts and shows, weddings, festivals, exhibitions and conventions, political events, fundraising events, we do not see the difference between large events with thousands of attendees and small private gatherings. We can give you the best insurance coverage at the best prices. Whether you are producing a one-time concert or a series of events in multiple locations, we offer insurance programs that cover your events and protect your investment.

We are your preferred broker who takes care that you will have the most comprehensive insurance coverage at a fraction of the cost of actual, albeit unforeseen, damages and liability. We can arrange both, 'Single Event' policies and recurring 'Annual Event' policies.