Risk Management Services

In today's scenario, where Indian companies are developing at a high pace, risks like operational, strategic, regulatory etc. is also increasing at the same pace, which needs to get assessed regularly for long term business continuity.

UNISON is one of the most trustworthy organizations that takes pride in offering risk management services to its customers. Our primary focus is to give clarity on how the consequences of risk can impact the company's performance and also providing customized & comprehensive solutions that complements the growth rate in the firm. In addition to this, we try to inform the management across verticals to incorporate and understand the value of risk assessment to apply for maximum risk exposures.

With vast experience, UNISON aims at exploring and positioning well in the present market environment considering the fact that risk assessment strategy is a new concept and therefore has to be in synchronisation with the nature of the job and nurture the benefits of risk assessment by encouraging the business continuity, maintaining company's goodwill and hence, adding value features that help the company to gain recognition & risk ratings.

What makes UNISON Risk Management Team Different?

  • Experience in wide-range of risk identification and loss prevention from 'Safety Audits' to 'Project Risk Consulting'.
  • Direct access to experts, risk reduction for each and every type of risk.
  • Ability to provide innovative solutions within the periphery of risk management insurance that helps in achieving short & long term business goals.
  • Technical assistance in communicating industrial risk-related information and risk reducing /mitigating measures to your company's Board, technical committees and/or the (re)insurance industry.