Our People

UNISON has earned its reputation by focusing on client servicing and related parameters. Our clients turn to us for innovative solutions as well as a comprehensive range of services in the areas of risk management, insurance placement programs and Claims management.

At UNISON we are passionate about serving our clients, developing our people and fulfilling our commitments.

"The achievement of UNISON is a product of combined individual efforts"

Our reputation is based on the excellence of our people, as we offer a wealth of professional talent and customer support.

At UNISON, we give each team member ample opportunity and time to develop and improve their skills in their respective spheres, thus magnifying the organisation's performance along with their own.

Our senior and most experienced domain experts will continue to encourage young talent and help them serve the customer better.

Each UNISON office in India recruits the best talent to ensure our clients are provided with highest quality of service.

We believe

"All we have to sell are the teams and their talents that serve our clients; their attitude, their passion, their caring nature, their unique skill sets, and their intellect."