Understanding clinical trial insurance coverage
14 October 2019

Throughout the history, we have made significant improvements in every aspects of life. From arts and entertainment to transport and telecommunication, we have made such giant strides that even the most genius minds of yesteryears couldn’t imagine.

Benefits of using claim management services
09 October 2019

During our lifetime, we are all confronted with damages or other unforeseen unfortunate incidents. It’s a part and parcel of human lives. No one can accurately predict what will happen in the future.

Ensure A Smooth Sail with Marine Cargo Insurance
01 October 2019

Imagine being surrounded by blue waters until the end of the horizon? While it may be a picture-perfect scene for any viewers, life on the waters come with its risk. Majority of the cargo around the world are transported by container ships.

Understanding Trade Credit Insurance
25 September 2019

In the unpredictable world of business, trade credit insurance provides relief and protection to sellers against commercial debts. It is a safety net for companies during an event of non-payment of commercial debt.

Understanding Aviation Insurance
17 September 2019

Nothing can ever beat the joy and thrill of soaring up above the clouds and enjoying a birds-eye view of our beautiful planet. That is why aviation is one of the hottest careers in today’s world.

Types of insurance in construction industry
06 September 2019

Construction insurance is vital for each and every construction project. It is important to protect yourself and your clients. In most countries, this insurance is mandatory for construction projects.