Ensure A Smooth Sail with Marine Cargo Insurance

01 October 2019

Imagine being surrounded by blue waters until the end of the horizon? While it may be a picture-perfect scene for any viewers, life on the waters come with its risk. Majority of the cargo around the world are transported by container ships. And it is estimated that almost 30% of loss of freight is unavoidable and most of these occur during transit between ports. That is where marine cargo insurance comes to the rescue! But what is Marine Cargo Insurance?

In simple words, Marine Cargo Insurance offers coverage for goods against any damage or losses incurred while in transit on the issue. While the coverage options vary according to policies, the fundamental purpose of marine insurance is to protect your company from suffering revenue due to the loss or damage of goods while on the sea.

Marine Cargo Insurance provides coverage against a wide range of threats. This includes cargo loading/unloading, weather contingencies, piracies, and other relevant issues. Marine insurance also covers the damage caused by fires, which is a major threat for cargo ships carrying oil and other combustible goods. Marine Cargo Insurance further tackles the threat of hurricanes, which is a major cause of distress in many sea routes. Marine Cargo Insurance policy covers damage caused to goods that are shipped via air, truck, rail or other conveyance. However, it is important to note that Marine Cargo Insurance only covers the physical damage caused to the goods that are transported. It does not cover the financial losses incurred due to shipment delays, loss of market or any other similar liability-related losses.

If you are a part of this business, it is imperative that you have Marine Cargo Insurance. So, protect your goods and thereby enjoy your peace of mind with the right marine cargo insurance policy. UNISON is one such company that takes pride in offering special Marine Cargo Insurance solutions. These policies help provide coverage to the complete horizon of the various likely risks in the sector at the most optimal cost.

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