Upstream Operations

We provide insurance solutions required by companies operating within the upstream energy sector

  • Exploration, Development and Production covering Physical loss or damage in respect of all upstream assets, including offshore oil and gas platforms, offshore and onshore pipelines, cables, subsea and floating production systems and related onshore property
  • Construction of all upstream facility including major off shore construction activities and related on shore facilities.
  • Control of well, seepage and pollution and re-drilling expenses and related additional coverage for all wells whilst during the course of exploration, development or appraisal whilst being drilled, worked over, partial completion, in production, shut in or abandoned.
  • Business interruption , for example loss of production, advanced loss of profits, delay in start-up
  • Comprehensive Third Party and Contractual liability in respect of all phases associated with the exploration and production cycle. Including seepage and pollution coverage's as required by regulatory authorities.
  • Major offshore drilling rigs, such as semi-submersible rigs, jack up rigs and drill ships, oilfield vessels and equipment as well as contractor owned floating units such as FPSOs.
  • Construction Builders Risk Coverage
  • War, Terrorism and Political Risk