UNISON prides itself in pioneering innovative solutions in Reinsurance business suited to adopt the need of its clients. The newly formed Reinsurance division will act to bring most innovative and cost effective approach to Reinsurance program designing. In a very short time of its commencement of Reinsurance operations, we have been able to build series of strategic alliance and business understanding with international Reinsurance brokers and Reinsurance companies. Our Reinsurance team consists of highly motivated individuals with blend of young and experienced professionals whose expertise and analytical skill help them to address underwriting and capital objective on portfolio level of our clients. We are flexible and always aim to design tailored Reinsurance program to meet each client's objective and underwriting profile.

Our approach to business enables us to evaluate markets, client needs and preferences, thus optimizing the
service level.


We assist our clients in structuring most innovative solution in facultative placement with objective to obtain best terms and make the product cost effective. Our close relationship with the reinsurers enables us to complete placements in global markets, thereby providing capacity and technical expertise in all areas of Facultative reinsurance. We have handled placement of Mega risk, Construction risk, Upstream offshore and many innovative products with highly rated securities in international markets.


We have placed treat Reinsurance programs with securities as per IRDA ratings requirements in the international markets and provide services from pre-placement like analysis of risk and strategy discussions, structuring Reinsurance program, negotiating with Treaty Reinsurer and on- going services, which include preparation and settlement of accounts, treaty documentation and handling of claims for Reinsurers.