Directors and Officers Liability Insurance

In today's evolving litigation environment and increasing regulatory environment and increasing investigation into companies by regulatory authorities, every corporate Directors and Officers irrespective of the size of the company is a potential target for litigation.

Company's Directors and Officers may be personally liable for the decisions they make, potentially resulting into devastating damages and expenses. According to the survey conducted law suits brought against Directors and Officers are mostly by shareholders, regulatory authorities, competitors, customer and suppliers.

There is no standard form of D&O cover and there is lack of uniformity in policy terms and conditions hence there are different cover available in the market by different insurer. Unlike many type of insurance where price comparison can be made based on similar type of coverage, D&O policy must be analysed if they are purchased to meet with the expectations of the Directors and Officers and protect their interest from financial loss.

We have a team of D&O specialists who have experience to deal with Global D&O policy, understanding the legal provision of various countries. As law makers in few countries are contemplating the changes in the Company Act including in India whereby introducing class action litigation against the Director and Officers and also increasing the responsibilities of the Director to protect the interest of shareholders.

We have a team of experts who have ability to understand your business and do the proper risk assessment of exposure which Directors and Officers owns to its company and shareholders including understanding of the prevailing law of the country to assist you to get the best policy.

We represent your interest in the market and negotiate directly with the insurer for the best coverage and in the event of any claim our technical support team coordinates for documentation and resolving the claims successfully.