Cyber Risk Assessment

Information Technology has become a vital and integral part of every business. From multi-national corporations and large local corporates across diverse sectors to small businesses that own a few computers, IT systems and networks play a critical role. Disruption or failure of these systems from a cyber attack can halt day- to-day operations and cost companies a significant amount of direct remediation expenses and often lead to lost revenues along with reputational damage.

A cyber-attack could be in the form of data Ex-Filtration, Hard Disk Corrupting Malwares, Network Disruptions, Impaired Web Applications, Ransomware or Denial of Service Attack. Such cyber risk events can have a destabilising impact on business.

Even after various preventive measures, it is usually not possible to completely insulate against a cyber-risk event from occurring, as hackers are generally one step ahead of the security experts. Some of the likely consequences experienced are loss of digital assets, security breaches, cyber extortion and business interruption leading to financial losses. It is however possible to mitigate the impact of a cyber risk event from causing unforeseen damage to a business or to its reputation by properly assessing the risk associated and by opting for a suitable cyber risk insurance policy.

We at UNISON have a dedicated team with in-depth subject knowledge and experience to provide you solutions from conventional to customized as per your requirement to safeguard you and cover you against such unforeseen risk.

Key Coverages:
  • Data Restoration Cost
  • Investigation Cost
  • Extortion Cost
  • Business Interruption Loss
  • Third Party Liability (Defamation, Loss/ Breach of Data)