Commercial General Liability

In today's litigious society, any business that invites the public onto its premises, provide a service or manufacture a product is vulnerable to law suit for injury and damage. Purchasing the right coverage and limits to protect your company is the key component of risk management strategy.

General Liability Insurance also called Commercial General Liability Insurance protects business owner against third party claim of liability for Bodily injury, Property Damage and Personal and Advertising injury (Slander and false advertising) and the policy can be designed to take care of the liability whilst such damage occurs in your premises and also away from your premises. You should consider this coverage if you or your employees:

  • Visit a client place of work or client visits your premises
  • Have access to clients equipment
  • Write or speak about a client's business
  • Use third party location for any business activity
  • Are required to have a liability policy as per contract.

For Example: whilst a client visits your premises and gets injured in your premises - there is a potential third party claim from Client representative against you. Comprehensive General Liability protects your business from any financial loss caused to others by you and your employees including defence cost.

We work diligently to continually evaluate clients' operational liability exposures and effectively protect their interest.

Our team is uniquely positioned to tailor the policy wording and negotiate the best terms for our clients, provide optimum placement of insurance in a way that best serves their needs. We know the importance of designing the right insurance product and placing it at the optimum cost.

We apply our expertise across a broad spectrum of high-risk industries, including Pharmaceutical, Automotive, Energy, Chemical, Construction and many more. We have access to international market through which we provide state-of-the-art casualty solutions.