Protect your Business with Product Liability Insurance

26 May 2020
The best part of running a business is the fact that you have the complete responsibility and control of the products and services.

Understanding COVID-19

2 May 2020
The world as we know is rapidly changing and perhaps for the first time in history, people around the globe are forced to stay indoors and maintain distance from their family and friends, due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Professional Indemnity Insurance: Protection for your expertise

17 February 2020
The biggest asset for any business is productive ideas. Ideas make the difference between success and failure. That is why consultation services are considered precious...

Understanding Commercial General Liability Insurance

11 February 2020
Any business that invites the general public onto its premises, provides a service or manufactures a product, is vulnerable to legal liability....

Oil and energy insurance

5 February 2020
The fundamental property of energy is that it can neither be created nor be destroyed. Yet, humans have found a way to harvest energy to make today’s world possible. In fact, without the proper utilization of energy, our world could have been similar to what it was several centuries ago.

Why cyber liability insurance is important

13 January 2020
We are well into the digital age. From financial transactions to shopping and dining, almost all the goods and services are either booked or availed digitally. Today organizations store information digitally and depend upon the integrity & availability of their websites and computer networks to operate.

Special Coverage For Your Special

27 December 2019
Who doesn’t like events? They are an opportunity for fun, entertainment and socialising and more. However, just like every good thing in life, events too can be ruined due to unforeseen unfortunate events.

Understanding Group Personal Accident Insurance

10 December 2019
The biggest asset of a company or organisation is their employee. Hence no organisation can afford to lose their valuable employees to injury or accidents. Group Personal Accident Insurance is specifically created to empower...

Why your organisation needs Workmen’s Compensation Insurance

04 December 2019
A happy employee is an efficient employee. In order to make an employee truly happy, an organisation should ensure the welfare of the employee even during any unforeseen and unfortunate incidents.

A comprehensive guide to
Fire Insurance

07 November 2019
Fire insurance is a kind of insurance policy that offers protection against incidents or damages caused due to fire and allied perils. It provides the coverage for the cost of loss..

Property Insurance Solutions

01 November 2019
Property insurance covers a wide range of threats or risks that can result in damage to property and thereby financial loss. Hence, it is imperative that your business needs a competitive insurance plan that can safeguard it against threats...

Understanding clinical trial insurance coverage

14 October 2019
Throughout the history, we have made significant improvements in every aspects of life. From arts and entertainment to transport and telecommunication, we have made such giant strides that even the most genius minds...

Benefits of using claim management services

09 October 2019
During our lifetime, we are all confronted with damages or other unforeseen unfortunate incidents. It’s a part and parcel of human lives. No one can accurately predict what will happen in the future.

All that you need to know about Group Health Insurance

02 December 2019
We are all exposed to the threats of injuries or illness. The ever-increasing cost of medical care and hospitalisation can burn a hole in anyone’s pocket. From organisational standpoint,

Ensure A Smooth Sail with Marine Cargo Insurance

01 October 2019
Imagine being surrounded by blue waters until the end of the horizon? While it may be a picture-perfect scene for any viewers, life on the waters come with its risk. Majority of the cargo around the world are transported by container ships.

Understanding Trade Credit

25 September 2019
In the unpredictable world of business, trade credit insurance provides relief and protection to sellers against commercial debts. It is a safety net for companies during an event of non-payment of commercial debt.

Understanding Aviation Insurance

17 September 2019
Nothing can ever beat the joy and thrill of soaring up above the clouds and enjoying a birds-eye view of our beautiful planet. That is why aviation is one of the hottest careers in today’s world.

Types of insurance in construction industry

06 September 2019
Construction insurance is vital for each and every construction project. It is important to protect yourself and your clients. In most countries, this insurance is mandatory for construction projects.